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In this section, we shall explore how to prevent the spate of male-perpetrated abuse and exploitation faced by women and girls. In so doing, we will need to critically examine and debunk some myths about manhood to which some males may have become quite attached. 
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We appreciate that the questions raised may be challenging for some males to read and discuss because we have been socialised into believing the behaviours are "normal" or that they form part of our "culture".

|Be Open To Change

For that reason, we ask that visitors to this website approach the discussions with an open mind and not from a standpoint of defending your actions.

Our desire is NOT to condemn or to embarrass anyone.

As males promoting restorative behaviour, some of us are working on our beliefs and past understanding of masculinity so as to ensure that we get it "right" this time. We do that for our own sakes and for the sake of the next generation.

|Young Males Need Us To Show Them The Way


Our young males need us to show them the way to true masculinity.

  • ​A masculinity that does not perpetuate or condone the abuse of the vulnerable.

  • A masculinity that uses its strength to protect, preserve and provide for our loved ones.

  • A masculinity that believes in integrity in our private as well as our public lives.

  • A masculinity that is not ashamed of hard, honest work.

  • A masculinity that is rooted in respect for females of all ages.


We invite you to join us on this journey. As we see ourselves as able to change (with the relevant support from others), we can work towards ending the demand for females as objects for sexual gratification in one form or another.

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