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End the Demand is one of the latest campaigns by Caribbean Umbrella Body for Restorative Behaviour (CURB) in our fight to end human trafficking, sex trafficking and violence against women and girls in the Caribbean.

The campaign is targeted at men who statistically constitute the majority of the demand for the commercial sex trade and who are the main perpetrators of physical and sexual violence against women and girls.

Its approach is NOT to condemn men and boys but to empower males to become all they are meant to be.


We are men speaking from our hearts to the hearts of men and boys in our region and globally.

We use the restorative approach by acknowledging that we have "missed it" in the past and that our actions have directly and/or indirectly harmed other persons and our wider society.

As such, we unhesitatingly apologise to the women and girls hurt by the unhealthy exercise of our masculinity and to the children hurt by our lack of responsible conduct as fathers, uncles, grandfathers, role models and community leaders.

Humbly, we seek to make amends by changing our attitudes and behaviour towards women and living out our masculinity in a responsible manner, providing more accurate examples for younger men and boys to follow.

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