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Is Sex A Need?

One of the most frequently touted myths about manhood is that men "need" frequent and diverse sex. This belief system has caused some males to seek sexual satisfaction as a primary goal.


Regrettably, this creates an attitude in some of those males that females are placed on the earth primarily for their sexual gratification.


This leads some males to disrespect and objectify females and view them as "entertainment" and access to their bodies as a male "right".

But what exactly is a "Need"?

Need versus Want

|Sex Cannot Be Defined As a Need

We use the term "need" so loosely, sometimes we forget what it really means. Generally, it refers to something without which an individual could not survive.

If a "need" is something an individual (as opposed to a species) requires for survival, does Sex fit that definition?

In order to answer that question, consider this:- "Do newborn babies die if they do not engage in sex as opposed to not having food, liquids, appropriate shelter and clothing?"

Of course Not! Then sex cannot be defined as a "need".

Even the guys who like talking about how much they enjoy sex cannot prove that without engaging in sex they would physically die.

If, as we clearly have shown, sex is not a need, then what is it? And because it is Not a need, then can anyone claim to be entitled to it?

Some distinguish "Needs" from "Wants" and relate it to the human desire to have something which brings them pleasure.

Foolish to turn a Pleasure into a Need

|Manhood As Sex-Driven Exploits Women

Those who confuse a pleasure with a need tend to engage in behaviour which exploits other people.

Such males pursue sex in relationships, through the consumption of online and offline pornography, visits to strip shows, the purchase of sex at brothels, massage parlours or with escorts or through "hookups" with strangers, swingers parties or wherever else sex may be found.

Some males take this attitude to even more unacceptable levels by engaging in street and workplace sexual harassment, sexual violence, date, stranger and marital rape and other sexual offences.

Seeing manhood as sex-driven places females (and males) of all ages in danger of sexual exploitation and violence and debases males to the status of wretched animals, unable to bridle their selfish lusts.

We don't know about you, but we prefer not to be considered in that light. That means if we lose our libido through an accident, illness or age, we must consume little blue pills in order to retain our position as a "man". 

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