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In this section, we shall share with you links to articles, videos and other resources which may be helpful to address issues of male identity, healing and engagement to effectively address social challenges such as the various forms of violence against women.
|Android Apps
We are pleased to announce the Beta release of our brand new True Masculinity app on Google Play! The app provides real-life scenarios which men face for you to learn how best to navigate situations of intimate partner violence, sexual consent, male demand for commercial sex and addressing physical and mental wellness.
You are also encouraged to click on linked content within the pages of this website to access some valuable resources which may not be listed below.
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The Resources provided in this section are for information only. It is a starting point for research and further discussion. However, we believe the overwhelming social science research available confirms that male attitudes and behaviours contribute to numerous social ills which adversely affect women and girls in large proportions.

Please note that the mere fact of providing these links in no way suggests that we fully endorse all of the content on the linked resource or all of the content on the websites where those resources may be stored.


International Men's Day (November 19)

International Boys' Day (also called World Day of the Boy Child - May 16)
"This is about the Pursuit of Character"

|PC Learning Games

The following links allow men and boys to play interactive learning games and scenarios to help reinforce essential topics covered in this website. They are optimized for PC and some for Mac platforms.


They are not optimised for mobile environments. However, fear not, for we have included mobile optimised alternatives in our new "True Masculinity" Android app.

How to "Blorrble Blobble" (A Dance Lesson on Consent)

Adrift (An Interstellar Game about Consent)
Recognising Sexual Harassment (Workplace scenarios)
Pay Gap (2D Game shows the gender pay gap)


The Adult-Child Pornography Link (PDF)

Renting an Organ for Ten Minutes (PDF)

I'm A Sex and Love Addict

Correcting Misunderstandings About Neuroscience & Problematic Sexual Behaviors


Understanding Women’s and Men’s Standpoints of Sexual Harassment (PDF)

Toxic Porn, Toxic Sex (PDF)

Best Practices for Reducing the Demand for Commercial Sex (PDF)

Who exactly are the men who pay for sex?

Why Ask 'Why Men Buy Prostitutes?'

The Qualities of Character

The 49 Character Qualities (Faith-based version) - Part 1 (PDF)

The 49 Character Qualities (Faith-based version) - Part 2 (PDF)

Sex Buyers Compared with Men Who Don't Buy Sex (PDF)

Guidelines on Workplace Sexual Harassment (PDF)


Your Brain on Porn (multiple videos linked)

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Do Men Think We Like Sex Harassment?

What Happens When Boys Are Taught To Respect Women

What Men Can Say to other Men Who Harass Women

Debate - It's Wrong to Pay for Sex

A Conversation Among Men About Sex Trafficking

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

DEMAND - Documentary on Male Demand for Commercial Sex

Men and Trauma

Moving from ACEs to Resilience


Please enjoy these audio tracks about men and men's issues.

Interview with Dr. Melissa Farley on Prostitution

Interview with Gene McConnell, a Former Sex Buyer

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