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End the Demand Campaign

The problem of violence against women is a global one, perpetuated by societal structures and the manner in which males are socialised from their infancy, into youth and adulthood.

It is manifested in the brutal and senseless attacks perpetrated upon women and girls in the forms of physical and sexual violence. It rears its head through the verbal abuse and sexual harassment by males towards females in the home, places of education, workplace and in public spaces generally.

Research shows that such behaviour is endemic in most countries, including those of the Caribbean.


Some of this behaviour is rooted in sex-role stereotypes which no longer hold true in our rapidly changing world. Others arise because males are unable to understand the devastating effect that their behaviour has on the females in their lives and the community, as well as on the next generation. And some other behaviours are inextricably linked to past trauma in their childhood


As such, many men openly objectify women in our conversations, through music, movies, advertising and by our consumption of pornography, purchase of sexual services and engaging in human trafficking and sex trafficking.

The research worldwide (PDF) has shown that the business of sex trafficking is fuelled by demand from primarily male consumers. This is the case for all aspects of the sex trade - escort services, sensual massages, prostitution, pornography, exotic dancing, phone sex services, etc.

CURB believes that some males who buy sex are unaware of the link between their actions and the physical, sexual, emotional and other abuses perpetrated upon vulnerable women and children around the world.

Instead, our continued objectification of females can lead us to subconsciously disrespect women as a whole though we may claim to respect those closest to us.


This campaign aims to assist males to understand their sexuality and the purpose for which they were created so as to eliminate the demand for the sex trade and all forms of violence against women and girls.

We believe males are not mere animals subject to their hormones but higher forms of being created by a loving God for a higher purpose. The women and children in our lives and communities need us to be "men of excellence", striving to live according to high character ideals and values.

So partner with us and use the information on this website to help yourselves and the men and boys within your circle of influence to Redefine Masculine Excellence. Commit with us to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls, including the trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls.

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