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The Caribbean Umbrella Body for Restorative Behaviour (CURB) is founded upon the clear understanding that no single organisation will ever be able to address all of the causal factors of crime nor the delicate process of restoring survivors of crime in our nation and region.


Therefore, we network with State and civil society organisations to extend the capacity and reach of our member organisations. Partnerships have been established to address single projects and for multiple years.


Agencies with which we have had the pleasure to collaborate include those in various arms of the ministries responsible for national security, justice and social development in Trinidad and Tobago as well as various civil society organisations promoting restorative justice, serving prisoners, ex-prisoners, survivors of crime and their respective families.



CURB has also been influential in lobbying for changes in various sectors of public policy. We regularly contribute to the development of policy in Trinidad and Tobago by ministries responsible for national security, justice, gender, legal affairs, child development, social development, planning and sustainable development.


We also sit on committees and attend consultations chaired by international agencies such as various arms of the United Nations as well as the European Union Delegation.


Offender Aftercare

Turning of the Hearts (TOTH) is a restorative model of aftercare which has been developed to provide more effective support for crime survivors, prisoners and ex-prisoners and their families.


It forms part of the 2006 Report of the Cabinet-appointed Committee to Develop a Comprehensive Plan to Treat With the Situation on Ex-Prisoners in Trinidad and Tobago. That committee met from January 2004 to 2006 and conducted the first local research on ex-offenders and their families in Trinidad and Tobago.


The Turning of the Hearts model focuses on the following key areas:-

(1) Networking and capacity building of NGOs which work in the sector;

(2) Educating the public about restorative justice and restorative behaviour;

(3) Creating a national framework to mentor and hold ex-prisoners accountable;

(4) Empowering local communities to better support crime survivors; and

(5) Improving community safety.


CURB has been piloting various aspects of the TOTH model since 2005, thereby proving that the principles upon which it is founded are viable and effective.


Combating Injustice

Over the years, CURB has been a vocal leader in combating various forms of injustice in Trinidad and Tobago.


These include addressing the physical and sexual abuse of persons in detention, in prison and at children's homes in Trinidad and Tobago. See our Stop Prison Abuse website for more information about that campaign.


We are also defenders of persons who are victims of human trafficking and continue to raise awareness about this violation of human rights through our End Human Trafficking Campaign.


We are vehemently opposed to all forms of violence by males against women and children - including sexual violence, sexual harassment, sex trafficking and purchasing of sex acts from prostituted or exploited persons. Our End the Demand Campaign addresses causal factors of these issues to help transform males in custody as well as those in the wider society.

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